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Following a successful box-office, enthusiastic response from audience and media alike the LCSO was well launched. Added to this, the players were keen to support its continuing existence. The orchestra represented the whole Limestone Coast region with some players travelling more than two hundred kilometres each week for rehearsals and performances.


In 2014, a matinee was again planned for the Sir Robert Helpmann Theatre with the LCSO in its new role as Resident Orchestra. This honour was largely due to the enthusiastic advocacy and support of SRH Manager, Frank Morello, who clearly saw the potential for a community orchestra to be based at this outstanding facility. Audiences in the southern part of the region would again have easy access to an LCSO concert.


A second concert was added to the season, to be performed in the Naracoorte Town Hall, on the Saturday night prior to the matinee. Seen as part of its development as a regional orchestra, this additional concert gave improved access to audiences in the upper Limestone Coast, including Bordertown, Keith, Robe and Beachport. 


Putting the orchestra “on tour” required moving equipment and players one hundred kilometres in each direction, along the Penola and Riddoch Highways. Again assistance was readily given by many hands. A 53 seater bus provided many players with transport from Mount Gambier, with LCSO bassoonist John Cruise employing skills from his day-job to drive the bus to and from Naracoorte as in-kind support. Tickets were sold through the Naracoorte Tourist Centre with the enthusiastic support of its Manager, Vicki Modistach, while Naracoorte Town Hall Manager Nigel Nisbett also earned heartfelt gratitude for his inventive solutions to increasing the size of the stage to house such a large performing group.


The Naracoorte concert was received most enthusiastically by the audience, and everyone was delighted with the warm acoustics of the Naracoorte Town Hall and felt the extra concert most worthwhile. 


Download a copy of the 2014 Program Booklet here. (13.8Mb PDF)

LCSO Poster 2014
Naracoorte Singers 14.079.jpg
Limestone Coast Symphony Orchestra 14.065.jpg
Virginia Weekes, Kate Treloar, Susan Giles  14.084.jpg
Limestone Coast Symphony Orchestra 14.032.jpg
Helen Drinkell, Sarah Crafter, Geoff Stephens, Kate Wright, Penny Mansell, Wendy
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