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I am a musician and would like to join the LCSO…

Please send an email to with your details and an expression of interest.


How do I buy tickets to an LCSO concert?

Sir Robert Helpmann Theatre: tickets can be purchased online or via the box office, 10 Watson Terrace, Mt Gambier, phone 08 8723 8741. These tickets sell out prior to the day, so we would not recommend waiting until the day of the concert to buy tickets.


Naracoorte Town Hall (95 Smith Street, Naracoorte): tickets are available prior to the concert from the Naracoorte Visitor Information Centre, 36 MacDonnell Street, phone 08 8762 1399. Cash sales only. Tickets may be available at the door depending on sales leading up to the concert.


How can I receive updates on when the orchestra is performing?

To receive updated information, consider liking our Facebook page or becoming a Friend of the Orchestra 


What do I do if I have lost my tickets?

Patrons who have lost their tickets should contact the outlet from which the tickets were purchased.


How much does it cost to buy a ticket to an LCSO concert?

Ticket prices are available on our homepage each season.


Concessions tickets are available to seniors card holders, and students over 15 years. Children under the age of 15  also receive a discount.


Proof of eligibility for a concession must be shown at the time of purchase and be on hand at each performance.


How can I introduce my children to music?

We love seeing young people enjoying music at our concerts.


All audience members, regardless of their age are required to hold a valid ticket.


When buying tickets for very young children or babies, please be considerate of other audience members. 


How can I buy a program?

Programs are free and are available leading up to and on the day off the orchestra performance.


Can I buy a DVD or CD of the concert?

We don’t produce DVDs or CDs but put all of our effort into bringing you a wonderful live show.


Can I record the concert on my iPhone or Android?

Absolutely not. We ask that you don’t make any recordings of the orchestra’s performances as an audience member. Each year we have to hire our music and this doesn’t include any rights to make recordings.


We recommend that you enjoy the live experience, and allow your fellow audience members to enjoy an uninhibited experience..


How long do LCSO concerts last?

Our concerts last for approximately two hours, with a 20-minute interval. This varies slightly depending on which pieces are played.


What if I am late?

The auditorium doors are closed once each performance has commenced, and latecomers are not admitted until a suitable break in the performance.


Is there disabled access?

Both of our venues provide disabled access. Please advise when purchasing your tickets. A hearing loop is available in the Sir Robert Helpmann Theatre.


What should I wear to an LCSO concert?

Wear whatever makes you comfortable. People attend concerts in suits, sweaters, skirts, jeans, dresses – everything.


You don’t need to dress in formal attire – such as tuxedos and evening gowns, but if you would like to, you can. We would recommend you wear neat, casual attire and feel free to dress up if you would like.


When should I applaud?

Sometimes we play music that is written with multiple movements. The number of movements varies depending on the piece. Often there is a 15-30 second pause between movements. In your program you will see whether a piece has more than 1 movement.


Traditionally it is considered proper concert etiquette to clap only after a work is complete, and it is a sign of respect to wait for a moment before applauding. If you are unsure of when to clap, try waiting for the rest of the audience to clap before applauding.


How many players are there in the Orchestra?

Each year the number of musicians varies. The LCSO currently has between 60-70 members.


Different pieces require a different lineup of musicians depending on the orchestration. For a varying musical experience sometimes you will only hear strings or woodwinds, and other times it is tutti (the whole of the orchestra).

Can I attend rehearsals if I am not an LCSO/LCSC Member?

Provided permission has been granted by the Orchestra/Stage Manager, prior to the rehearsal, the LCSO welcome friends or family of playing/singing members, or members of the general public to sit in on an LCSO rehearsal. The number of guests attending each rehearsal is limited to facilitate the rehearsal process.

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